Roshan Aryal
4 min readNov 21, 2020

2020! A year of pandemic, A year no one will ever forget . It’s been a year of many ups and downs from Joe Biden being the 46th president of the united states to locust chaos so many things to write about. I have been watching all of these from close proximity like never before with all these going,this year for me has been a year of learning new things that I never had time to go through before,quitting things that I could not do before. Although the lockdown period is over,we stayed in the quarantine for around 8 months.Although it’s 2020 for me it’s been equitable,coming to the keynote, I have had a lot of GREEN and GREEN in recent days i.e nature , fantasy premier league and the stock market.

As I was stuck inside my house for around 8 months , I got to know a lot about nature. I quitted social media 8 months ago and the only things that i could go through were Books and nature, apart from these were yogas and exercises too. I had heard people talk about the energy that nature gives in order to help us grow both physically and mentally likewise, spending time in green space and making it a part of my daily life helped me improve a lot of things,like:

1.Control anger and stress

2.Improved my friendship not only with the people but animals as well.

3.Helped to manage my mood.

4.Improved my confidence level.

5. Made me feel Relaxed

6. Sound sleep

We all have different connections with nature,different experiences with nature. I used to love nature as it mainly helped my to get out of my depressed state .I went on trek last year i.e 2019 to Gosainkunda and one thing I have noticed in me,since then is that It has really improved my immune system.sleeping at an altitude of 4000m with 1 degree celsius,being surrounded by gorgeous mountains I thought would never by my piece of cake nevertheless I did it .After I had pneumonia in the early stages of my life, my parents are always in complete ministration of my health so, although it was just a matter of 4380m I was able to break all my personal records, most importantly I became close to nature like never before.


Another GREEN in my life recently has been FPL(fantasy premier league ), currently I am ranked 1611th out of 7 million people and 20th in Nepal.Although it is too early to write my rank who cares when you already have 2 hundreds in just 8 weeks . It took me 4 years to get my first hundred and all of a sudden 2 in four gameweeks. FPL for me is not only about football it’s just more than that .I have always made one assumption with fantasy football and life, i.e whenever I scored above average points or GREEN arrow I would consider that week to be good from all perspectives. Out of 8 gameweeks I have merely seen GREEN arrow ,just one red in gameweek 3. I have also invested a few thousand rupees which makes it more interesting.

Last but foremost, GREEN arrow in the stock market. I started trading a few months ago and I have rarely seen a red arrow. Out of 10 applied IPO 8 have been allotted which is an exquisite record in comparison to my other accounts, and also I got to learn about the stock market, how it really works, how the tension among the biggest countries affect the economy of poor countries. How the richest people in the world invest their economy and expand to massive amounts only within a few years. NEPSE index is currently at around 1800 , i feel really very Blessed to be here at this moment.