FPL Through My Lens.

Roshan Aryal
4 min readMay 25, 2021


When the FPL season 20/21 started, I knew very little about fantasy football, I knew the general things: you have to make transfers have 5 chips for the entire season, and your team should be built within 100 million. I did not know when I had to make those transfers and how to utilize the given 100 million. So, here are some of the things that I learned this season that might help you to build your FPL team for the coming seasons:

  • FPL is not only about the selection of 11 players to start, it is much more than that. It is pretty similar to the stock market. Like Warren Buffet says “Stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”, FPL is no different, the more patient you are with your players, the more points you gain. For example, at the start of the season, everyone had KANE and SON but when Spurs were defeated by Everton, most of them sold SON/KANE, and they came back with a bang of a mega haul (24,21 points).
  • Taking unnecessary hits is another mistake every FPL manager makes, at the start of the season every point is important to keep the momentum building. When you start taking hits, it’s like a drug you cannot go another week without it. In my case, I had taken only -8 hit from GW1 TO GW30 but then once I started taking hits I ended up with -40 by GW38.
  • The biggest task is how you utilize your 100m. According to my experience, always start your season with 2/3m in the bank, when you do this you will not have to take any hits for upcoming weeks. What we mostly do is we try to fit in all the premium players and end up having little to no amount left ITB (In The Bank), this makes our team inflexible.
  • Time spent in making your FPL team is inversely proportional to the number of points you get, this does not mean you do not go through the stats but when you spend time looking at your Cup opponent teams or any other Scouts team you get deviated towards their team and do not really love to go with your own instinct.
  • Uniqueness, some of you might have an ability to make points using punts, some of you might have an ability to maintain your scores playing defensively. To carry out whatever you do for the entire season is very important. I prefer playing defensive and I did it from GW1 to GW38 and the results were excellent.
  • Chips, using your chips at the right time can be very useful, you can make a great upside if it goes right. One thing I was unlucky about this season was that all my chips, except for the second wildcard went wrong. I suggest everyone keep hold of their chips till the end of the season, it’ll end up helping you climb up in the rankings, mini-leagues much easier. Holding chips is one of the major differences I found between normal managers and the best ones in the world.
  • Mini leagues, at the end of the season all you want to be is a champion, show your FPL community that you are the one, and also make some money. I won almost all the mini-leagues that I played within my country and all I did was, never went through my opponent’s team from GW1 to GW30. After that, all I had to do was park the bus, play safe and finish off the season in style, it went exactly the way I planned.

This is how I finished 246th in the world and will probably stand as one of the best seasons in my FPL career.


My FPL season 20/21:

Overall Points: 2587

Overall Rank: 246( Season Best:14)

Nepal Rank: 2(Season Best:1)

Arsenal overall Rank: 25(Season Best:1)

10+ Mini leagues.