Roshan Aryal
2 min readNov 19, 2020


49% population of the world uses social media!

An average a person spends 142 minutes using social media .There are ten new social media user per second .With the rate massively increasing there are also cases of various new man made viruses . After 10 years of being a part of all these I personally have seen a lot of things ,good and bad . This is very good in a sense that

  • We get to know people very easily ,stay in touch with the one you love ,like .
  • Get to know what is happening all around the globe within a second.
  • Helps to stay updated with the modern fashion and global technologies .
  • Find someone who inspires ,aspires you.
  • Social media helps you to build relationships .
  • Helps for the speedy communication.
  • Helps you to build a large working platform in short span of time.

There are thousands of good use of social media otherwise, 49% of the world would not be using it . But the real serious questions that are emerging these days ,are we really happy using this?

  1. Are we really happy with body figure we have?
  2. Are you really happy with the family you live or just in photos?
  3. Was your food really luscious?
  4. Did you really felt ingenious on your last trek?
  5. Did you really get vivid images on your mind from the book you last posted on instagram?
  6. Do you show real grief?
  7. Would you have the same type of compassion without social media?
  8. Would you fall in a relationship with someone without a post on social media ?
  9. Do you really have the visceral feelings with the one you love?

I think this is really an important thing to be concerned about our life as we are growing older everyday, are we really making most out of our limited life time or just stuck with Mark’s/ kevin’s life?

lockdown life(24th May 2020)